I was the girl who used to give her power away to everyone and everything. I was ruled by fear and reactive in my responses most of the time. The chaos I felt on the inside was mirrored back to me in my outside world via stress, struggle, drama and toxic relationships.

I am the girl who once accepted abuse because the people she deeply cared about accepted it too and she saw no other way out as a child.

I am the girl whose self-esteem was once so fragile that she'd rather have her lunch in the school toilet because she just couldn't handle eating alone while everyone else were surrounded by friends.

I am the girl who once thought that as long as she worked hard in school and obeyed society's protocols, she was going to be happy.

I am the girl who once suffered from years of sleep-deprived nights because she couldn't stop her fears from flooding her head.

I am the girl who once accepted that accepting the shit that people threw her way was part of being loving and being 'religious' as to love and be in a relationship means to endure.

I am the girl who once believed that we have a 'lot' in life we need to accept and other people are either blessed or cursed with their own 'lot'.

I am the girl who once held on to 'friends' who merely wanted resources from her because she felt being with anyone was better than being alone.

I am the girl who once ate all kinds of crap not realising she was using food to numb her pain.

I am the girl who once felt it was better to be prepared for the worst and imagine the worst case scenario because that will sharpen her survival instincts.

I am the girl who once felt guilty about having a good time for 'too long' because not having a good time almost seemed more 'normal' for her.

I am the girl who once waited for everyone else to make up their mind before she stated her preference and only took action when there were 'enough' people supporting what she did.

I am the girl who now wants no one else to ever feel this way.

I am the girl who now wants to help people realise their own power and self-worth in this lifetime so that they live with the hope that they deserve the best and more.

I am the girl who has transformed by leaps and bounds and now embraces her soul's purpose with a clarity she has never felt before.

So my interest in the realm of personal development pretty much started with a natural curiosity and ‘survival instinct’ that was sparked by the trajectory of my own life experiences. Through this, I managed to put some pieces of the puzzle together in my own life.

Then, I realised bit by bit that some of my wildest dreams were actually coming true. Amongst other things, I freed myself from toxic relationships, nurtured my confidence and started leading a much healthier lifestyle. I manifested the opportunity to pause the routine of work for a year where I got to hike through the Himalayas, walk through the Inca Trails of Machu Picchu, wander through the Atacama desert and admire the Patagonian icelands. I also visited Germany, Taiwan, America, India, Cambodia, Thailand and China where I touched base with so many beautiful souls who were living out their life purposes. I self-published two books of poetry and prose and found myself having more time to sleep than I ever did in my entire life. (I was living on an average of 4 hours of sleep a night for a good 15 years before this).

The thing is, most people simply said I ‘got lucky’. But I am the one living my life and I knew for a fact that there was nothing coincidental about these changes. Everything that was happening in my life took me back to a segment of Neal Walsh's book, 'Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue.' In the book, he stated "There is no coincidence, and nothing happens ‘by accident.’ Each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are. All that is required is to know this. For you are the creator of your own reality, and life can show up in no other way for you than the way in which you think it will.”

I had engineered a paradigm shift in how I chose to live and that changed my life completely. Enough was enough and I decided that I simply did not want to be one of those people stuck and complaining about my life situation because of “insert excuse” any longer. I chose to take responsibility to create a life I wanted regardless of circumstances. My transformational journey has been immensely rewarding for having followed my calling, despite opinions and obstacles that would have preferred to chain me to traditional values or ground me to the status quo. Some may say that investing time in your personal development is selfish. Is depending on the world and people around you to come to your rescue and fix your problems really less selfish?

What's Your Story?

You may be able to relate to some of what I have shared here about how I used to live. Or there may be other unique factors that are preventing you from stepping into your own power. Whatever your story is, I want to hear it and I want to work with you to change it. If you are not living optimally and feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, I want you to know that you can claim back your power and fulfill your heart’s desires. Imagine the thrill of life when you become the alchemist of that change? There are processes you can use to bring about such change in your lives and I would love to share them with you.