I am humbled by the feedback I have received from the people I inspire...

"My decision to have Serene as my life coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made and here's why. I was full of clarity and excitement after each of our sessions. This was a perfect fit for me because of my passion for self-development and using the law of attraction. Through Serene's coaching, I improved on my ability to manifest many things that I wanted in my life. I found someone who could understand me perfectly and inspire me on my way to achieving my own goals. The best part was Serene made me realise my true potential and her guided visualisations were powerful in allowing me to go behind all of the barriers that were stopping me from taking action. After just a few sessions, my life started changing completely for the better and that's when I really thought how nice it would be if others benefited from her coaching too as I am so much happier than what I used to be.

Sometimes, all we need is that extra push from someone who will guide us to realize our full potential so that we can start believing in ourselves and taking action. Thank you Serene! Thank you for believing in me when no one else did and giving me this amazing experience !"

Kind regards
Tsveti K.

"Serene helped me to really connect with my inner guidance, and move in the direction of where I want to go. I was able to effectively clarify the steps that I needed to take, and she really helped to eliminate my limiting thought patterns and beliefs toward my success. Not only have I made fantastic progress, but she helped me to find a perspective where I feel excited about my projects again- which is something I had temporarily lost. Her guided meditations and visualizations were incredible in raising my vibration and allowing me to sharpen my focus. Her way of coaching truly resonated with me, she puts faith and belief in you and your goals, and knows when to give you the guidance you are seeking. I am in a better place now after her coaching and would definitely recommend her."

Juliet Cleary

"Being coached by Serene has really helped me cut through the mental clutter that was causing me to focus too much in burying myself in activity instead of focusing on what was really important in building my business. Serene's style of coaching is calm and very focused. Her guidance and support made it easy to centre myself and bring out what I knew deep down I needed to be and do, but had somehow got lost along the way. I loved that our weekly sessions gave me the accountability I needed and I love the sense of clarity I now have to focus on what really matters. I now realise that 'less is definitely more' and this has totally changed my perspective on what action I need to take and who I need to 'be' to get to where I want to go.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Serene to anyone who needs help getting out of their own way and more clarity on their direction so that they can focus on what is really important."

Joanne Mayhead
United Kingdom

Serene is an amazing transformational life coach! She has a calming way about herself when coaching you, whilst being able to keep you on the right path in line with your goals you wish to achieve. She uses the Law of Attraction principles in an easy way to comprehend and helped me apply and implement them towards my goals. She’s inspiring, uplifting and have such passion for helping her clients achieve their goals, dreams and desires. Her visualisation techniques are amazing. She helps transport you to that place of where you see yourself, where you feel you have achieve your goals! She’s someone I highly recommend!

Faieka Abrahams
Auckland, New Zealand


"I had the pleasure of being coached by Serene recently, and the results I got with her coaching were exceptional. Serene taught me to focus on my goals, and to take inspired action.

With her wisdom and guidance I was able to break the difficult habit of procrastination which had held me back for years, and now I am achieving multiple successes in my life and moving forward in joyful ways.

The really wonderful thing about Serene's coaching was that she opened my eyes to so many more things in my life which needed attention. Her style is gentle, insightful, inspiring and encouraging.

Thank you Serene for your wonderful work."

Warmest regards,
Rad Cameron
Melbourne, Australia

Dear Serene,

I want you to know that it was a pleasure to be coached by you. At the beginning I was a little anxious regarding being coached by someone in another country from a different culture but your caring and non- judgmental approach left me at ease. In fact from the first session I was always looking forward to our next session.
Thank you so much for making me feel so much at ease that I felt free to talk about confidential issues and dreams that are so important to me.
With your support I was able to take steps to improve my diet and start an exercise regime. Furthermore, with your coaching I understood that it was ok for me to desire a romantic relationship and I now want and look forward to a loving relationship and marriage.
May God continue to bless you as much as you have blessed me.

12/05/2016, United Kingdom

"Serene challenges you to go in the direction that you really want. I think everybody would benefit from having a coach, especially one that uses the metaphysical understanding like she does. I've become a lot more aware of certain attitudes that I hold and she constantly reminds me that all I need to do is to make the decision to put my mind and spirit in a positive direction and the rest will follow."

Matjaz Kulovic

"Serene is warm, supportive and a wonderful coach. She creates a very safe space to open up so I could express my concerns, and inner obstacles. Our sessions were always very inspiring and has helped me gain more clarity and direction. Serene is a very good listener and asks meaningful and thoughtful questions. I am very grateful for her support on my journey of self-discovery. I very much enjoyed our coaching conversations and would recommend Serene to anyone seeking guidance particularly during challenging times of change."

Anna Thomas
United Kingdom

"I went into this with an open mind as a friend suggested I speak to a life coach and recommended Serene. To sum up my experience in two words -‘Amazing and Uplifting’. Serene helped me figure out a number of ways to channel my mind to help me achieve my fitness, career and other goals. Serene is very calming and professional. Serene came up with practical and tailored techniques to allow me to relax and also tap into my mind and body. Since my sessions I have noticed that I’m focusing a lot more on the positives and I feel that I’m already reaping benefits.

Thank you again Serene and please keep up your fantastic and hard work! "

Dan Huxley
New Zealand

"Mind your art was one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my life. It was an extremely beautiful and splendid experience. It was a place where we could actually be what we are. Without having the fear of being judged by anyone or being judgmental about anyone. Mindfulness through art is a very interesting approach towards finding oneself. The whole workshop contained a lot of positivity including the background music. For me it was an extremely soothing experience. I felt relaxed and refreshed. I would suggest everyone out there to attend the upcoming workshops and have an experience worthwhile. Thank you Serene and Jessie for your efforts towards creating and organizing such an amazing workshop."

Priyanka Sharma
Mind Your Art participant, Singapore

"An awesome journey into mindfulness and art. Inspiring ladies..their stories of their personal journey into this. It opened not only my eyes but also heart and mind. I was not.only able to take away my own.masterpiece also a sense of confidence that I could believe in myself...positive vibes rules...An awesome journey into mindfulness and art. Inspiring ladies..their stories of their personal journey into this. It opened not only my eyes but also heart and mind. I was not.only able to take away my own.masterpiece also a sense of confidence that I could believe in myself...positive vibes rules..."

Maria Victoria Dela Cruz
Mind Your Art participant, Singapore



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